photo by Hughes Company Glass Negatives Collection, UMBC

The Industrial Valley: A Walking Tour of Woodberry

Meeting Place
Outside the Clipper Park Road, overlooking the Clipper Mill Poole

Sunday, October 7, 2018 2:00 pm


Sunday, October 7, 2018 3:00 pm

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15 /tour

Tour Times

  • Guided Tour #1: 2PM – 3PM

About the Event

In this small community, two giants of industry converged in the late 1800s. One was Robert Poole, the leading employer of iron workers in Baltimore, and across the tracks, the other was William Hooper, whose Meadow Mill was a monument to his textile enterprise during a time of national depression.

Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance chair Nathan Dennies will tell the story of the rise, eventual fall, and recent revitalization of this important site of Baltimore industry on a tour of Woodberry. The tour will stop in local businesses representing present day manufacturing in the neighborhood.

The tour will begin outside Woodberry Kitchen (2010 Clipper Park Road), overlooking the Clipper Mill Pool.

About the Tour Guide:
Nathan Dennies is the Operations and Communications Manager at AIA Baltimore and the Baltimore Architecture Foundation. Nathan also runs the Greater Hampden Heritage Alliance, a community preservation group in Hampden-Woodberry. He recently worked on a project to create wayfinding signage at historic sites along the Jones Falls that tell the story of the history of the area.