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Gutierrez Studios | Doors Open Baltimore 2018 Saturday Hub

2010 Clipper Park Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211

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Construction Date:1870
Architect:Cho Benn Holback + Associates (2006)
More Historical Info via Baltimore Heritage


This massive space was originally the foundry of the Poole and Hunt Foundry and Machine Works. Built in 1870, it was here that molten iron was shaped into the components of the impressive machines the firm manufactured. The Poole and Hunt legacy lives on with Gutierrez Studios, a firm that provides design, engineering, fabrication and installation services. Explore their 20,000 square foot workshop on a guided tour where the studio’s craftspeople produce high quality products for the built environment, including stools, tables, benches, and lighting, to staircases, signage, sculptures, and even trash cans.

  • Accessibility: Partially Accessible
  • Parking: Street Parking
  • Photography: By request