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Mill No. 1

3000 Falls Road, Baltimore, MD 21211

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Construction Date:1873
Architect:Alexander Design Studio (2014)
More Historical Info via Baltimore Heritage


In 1849, the newly chartered Mount Vernon Company built a textile mill on this site, once the location of a flour mill. Mill No. 1 stood at the threshold of a burgeoning textile empire that would control most of the world’s cotton duck production, a canvas used in items from uniforms and tents to sailcloth and parachutes.

The original mill burned in 1873 and was replaced with an even larger building seen here today. Mill No. 1 stayed in operation until 1972 as the other mills in the valley were sold to smaller manufacturers. The mill has been repurposed as a mixed-use historic renovation complex that includes apartments, offices, a restaurant and an event space. The mill’s courtyard offers a spectacular view of the Jones Falls, which once powered the old mills.

  • Accessibility: Fully Accessible
  • Parking: Please park on Loading dock in front of Art with a Heart
  • Photography: Permitted