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26 - Hawley-Hutzler House

1801 Eutaw Place, Baltimore MD 21217

Construction Date:1887
Architect:Thomas Kennedy


Visitor Experience

Mini-tours of the first-floor rooms throughout the day. There will be a series of 1905 photographs of the rooms so visitors can see past renovations.

BONUS: Escape-room meets Clue at this historic mansion – play a fun game when you arrive!


In 1887, just before his passing, Martin Hawley, a prominent lumber tycoon, constructed an impressive Victorian mansion spanning 8,000 square feet. This grand residence boasted over 10 rooms, 7 bathrooms, a reception hall, a brick-walled garden, and even a residential elevator. Each room within the mansion showcases a distinct type of wood incorporated into arches, paneling, and carvings. Following Hawley’s widow’s death a decade later, the mansion was acquired by Abram Hutzler, the renowned owner of the eponymous department store. The Hutzler family resided in the mansion until 1942. Subsequently, the property was converted into medical offices, and in the 1970s, a new owner reconfigured it into apartments. Currently listed at a valuation of $885,000, the Hawley-Hutzler mansion is available for sale in its existing condition, “As Is.”

  • Accessibility: Partially handicap accessible. Although the first floor is wheelchair accessible, there are a total of 6 steps from sidewalk to entry hall.
  • Parking: Street Parking